Data Protection & Legal

Data protection

Personal data and all of the information and payment data required for running the image database is stored. This data may be assessed and evaluated for the purpose of internal analysis, but will nevertheless be treated in a strictly confidential manner and not passed on to third parties. Photographers offering images for sale through 13 Photo may be given as references by 13 Photo for advertising purposes.

Non-liability and Copyright

The copyright for all sites of the website is at the 13 Photo AG. Texts and pictures may not used or copied in another relationship. All liability claims are excluded for information from contents of these websitse as well as for the direct or indirect use of these websites or the offered pictorial material. Changes at contents, prices and offers are at any time possible. Technical or typographic errors cannot be excluded despite extreme care.

Content of website

13 Photo AG does not assume liability for the uptodateness, completeness and quality of the information published by us. All free offers are non-binding. 13 Photo AG reserves the right to change, to increase or to delete the offer, or to cease the publication, at any time and without prior warning.

Image rights

All images and graphics as well as related arrangements are subject to copyright and to laws for the protection of intellectual property. Unless otherwise indicated, all images must be taken from the image database at and may in no way be copied, stored, distributed or processed without the consent of the licensor. The following applies to all of the photographic material offered by 13 Photo: any use of images and image-related ideas is only permitted with the prior written consent of 13 Photo. If images are used unlawfully, a minimum sum of five times the amount of the usual user fee will be payable, subject to the assertion of claims for damages. All offers, orders, deliveries and the granting of rights of use take place exclusively in accordance with 13 Photo' Terms of Delivery and Terms and Conditions of Business.

Note on websites to which links are provided

According to general laws, 13 Photo AG, as a provider of content, is liable for its «own content», which it keeps ready for use. A distinction must be made between 13 Photo AG's own content and the links to content kept ready by other providers. 13 PhotoAG is thus only liable for this outside content if 13 Photo AG has definite knowledge of it (i.e. also of illegal or punishable content) and if it is technically feasible for and also reasonable to expect 13 Photo AG to prevent this content from being used.

Links are always «living» (dynamic) cross-references. When the links are initially being created, 13 Photo AG checks the outside content to see if it may be becoming criminally or civilly liable as a result. However, 13 Photo AG is not obliged to check on a permanent basis the content to which a link is provided in its website, for changes which could be used a reason for making 13 Photo AG liable. Only when 13 Photo AG discovers or its attention is drawn to the fact that a concrete offer to which it has created a link makes it liable in civil or criminal law will 13 Photo AG remove the link in question, insofar as this is technically feasible and it is reasonable to expect 13 Photo AG to do so. The technical feasibility and reasonableness are not affected by the fact that, once the link has been removed from 13 Photo AG's homepage, the illegal or punishable content can still be accessed via other servers.