Anne Gabriel-Jürgens

Her pictures are dedicated to spaces in society. Tradition and rootlessness, hope and desperation, homeland and identity are central terms in her photography.

Bea Czikowsky about Anne Gabriel-Jürgens

She plays with natural light in a quiet and lyrical imagery.

Her complex poetry lies in reality, situated between things, in seemingly familiar worlds.

Until 2000, she studied fine arts, painting and drawing with Prof. R. Meros and Prof. D. Glasmacher at HFBK and HAW in Hamburg. In 2004 she graduated in photography.

In 2005 she joined the photographers group “im Osten“ as a freelance photographer.

in 2008 she graduated as Master Student in Berlin.

Since 2008 she teaches photography at the University of Lüneburg for the Department of Cultural Studies and teaches photography classes at GAF in Zurich.

Anne Gabriel-Jürgens works from Zurich and Hamburg.

Specialized in

Portrait Reportage Landscape Travel Interior

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