Lea Meienberg

In her portraits and reportages she disects sensitivities and idiosyncrasies of places and people, and forms them into stories.

Wiktoria Furrer about Lea Meienberg

Narration is her style of choice. Her visual selection and combination of images are the dramaturgical tools for her stories, even when the exclude people from the scenes. Most of the time her images run counter to our experienced perception - her images of the circus do not focus on the show but explores the existential gravity of the artists. Leas narrative strategy take the eye away from the obvious to the unique - she presents the protagonists through subtle details. But in this effort she never forgets her aesthetic sense of humor. And this is excatly what is need for her work to blosoms under the uncertain circumstances of editorial photography. Sometimes stories just come together - the viewer simply has to finish them for herself.

Specialized in

Portrait Reportage Landscape Travel

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