Stephan Rappo

Light, as from a freeze frame during Hollywoods golden period. Lines, as if a reincarnated Bauhaus typographer wanted to give it another try. Storytelling. All together, without conflict.

Silvia Tschui über Stephan Rappo

He connects staging with clarity with intelligence with focus, a squaring of cirlces. There are many more pairs of highfalutin, dissonant word pairs on can conjure up to describe his work.

«Glamorous Staging» is spot on for his production of «Burnout», «complex simplicity» captures the clear portrait photography, «documentary precision» is always a great term to describe his reportage work.

Still, those word plays are doomed from the start when you want to define Stephans images. So the only thing left is: to look at them. To get sucked in a bit. To calm down. And to realise that there is always a hook that will pull you in, every time.

Specialized in

Portrait Reportage

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